Like most of us on the Bellarine, the only occupants of our holiday homes during Covid restrictions are the spiders in the corner and cheeky ring tail possums having parties on the roof. But it’s all good, we predict that travellers will return in droves via the domestic market but occupancy may be lower. That means showcasing our holiday home to its fullest potential will be the best way to win the bids for Airbnb dollars. In our opinion now is the best time to do it before the builder’s are booked up for the Summer rush and travellers return to the town. 

Floating Timber Shelves

Installation of floating timber shelves

We recently installed these hardwood timber shelves for a client in their high end renovation in Highton. I love these floating shelves and with stacks of recycled timber lying amongst our materials we decided to update the bedroom of our holiday rental to make it feel more 70’s beach style by adding a similar floating shelf idea over the bed. 

I love recycled timber floating shelves for a few reasons:

  • They’re perfect for holiday homes because they add a ‘homely, beachy’ feel as opposed to a clinical ‘hotel’ vibe which Airbnb travellers are trying to avoid
  • Brackets are pretty ugly, and detract from a modern look
  • Plonking one of these above your bed instantly makes the room feel cosier, and acts as a headboard if you don’t have one
  • Recycled timber has a story – if you have some and you’re adding it to your holiday home then own the story! We recommend you write up a little note about where the timber came from, and the story behind it, and frame it and pop it on the shelf. Airbnb travellers love to know what the story of their accommodation is so give it to them! 

Floating Timber Shelves

The story of our shelving

This particular shelf was pulled from a verandah in Barwon Heads several years ago. It’s been living a lonely life under our garden shed, painted green and laced with spider webs. Luke went through a number of pieces of timber last weekend, stripping the paint off them with the planer and showing me the grain until we happened upon this one, and the colour was perfect. It may be Vic Ash, it may not be, you can never be 100% sure with recycled timber! 

Recycled Timber Shelving

Here’s a quick timelapse of us installing the shelf so that you can see how we do it. After the preparation of the timber (selection, planing, sanding) Luke then screwed 12mm x 150mm coach screws into the studs on the wall then cut the heads off with a hand saw. He drilled holes into the back of the timber and then pushed the timber onto the coach screws, finishing the whole shelf with a coat of Tung oil to protect it. 

Can we help you to update your holiday home? 

If you want to create a similar look in your own holiday home then give it a go yourself or call us to use our new custom carpentry service. If you’re thinking of renovating or building then call us to chat about your upcoming project and how our skilled carpenters can include unique features such as floating timber shelves into your design.